Snap Judgment: Sex and the City (2008) directed by Michale Patrick King

In the four years since the HBO series ended, the ladies forgot how to act and the writers lost their wits. I enjoyed the series for the snappy patter. Each episode was a like a 1950s sitcom unrestrained by the Hays Code. But I came away from this cinematic disaster with a urge to see Ishtar and Gigli, so that I can figure out what really is the worst movie of all time.

Remarkably, a sequel is in the works. Just shows what I know.


3 Responses to Review: Sex and the City

  1. Sara says:

    We watched this the other night. What should have been a guilty pleasure was a real stinker.

  2. Rosie Khan says:

    Are they not going to change the cast of Sex and The City ? the girls in there are getting old already.’:”

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