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The great majority of use—all, in brief, who are normal—pass through life in constant revolt against our limitations, objective and subjective. Our conscious thought is largely devoted to plans and specifications for cutting a better figure in human society, and in our unconscious the business goes on much more steadily and powerfully. No healthy man, in his secret heart, is content with his destiny. He is tortured by dreams and images as a child is tortured by the thought of a state of existence in which it would live in a candy-store and have two stomachs.

H.L. Mencken from “The Art Eternal” (1918)


6 Responses to Dreams of youth

  1. Todd says:

    This kicker is brilliant. By using childhood as a metaphor, Mencken show how infantile this desire is. By referring to the child as “it,” instead of “he,” Mencken also dehumanizes this desire and makes it sound animal like instead of the noble striving of man. So much to learn from Mencken.

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