I’m late to the game, but I’ll play this one. EveTushnet asks me to name Ten Things I’ve Done that You Probably Haven’t. I’m just a young man, so it’s hard for me to compete with Terry at About Last Night:

  1. Stood outside and watched a tornado pass overhead.
  2. Accidently ran with the bulls in Spain.
  3. Tracked down the former Vice-President of Peru from his exile in Chile.
  4. Went on a couple of dates with a woman introduced to me by Mo Tucker, drummer for the Velvet Underground.
  5. During my lunch break as a temp, executed a half million dollars in stock trades on my cell phone.
  6. Drank a few rounds of Cognac with Ana María Matute, writer and member of the Spanish Royal Academy.
  7. Got paid on a regular basis to eat at restaurants.
  8. Edited the words of William Gaddis and Evan Boland.
  9. Spent an afternoon showing Valery Ponomarev, trumpeter for Art Blakey and inspiration for the film Moscow on the Hudson, around Salamanca, Spain.
  10. Was a poorly paid functionary of the French state with great benefits.

If you’re interested, I could elaborate in the comments on any item above. Other lists can be found here, here, and here.


2 Responses to Things I’ve done

  1. paul says:

    This is kind of cool. I’ve been toying with putting more information about myself on the blog… I think CultureCat has a list of 100 things, which is helpful if you’re trying to figure out who it is you’re reading.

    You should definitely elaborate on the Gaddis bit. I didn’t realize you had edited him…

  2. Frolic says:

    Yes, well I interned for William H. Gass’ International Writers Center the summer after I graduated from college. One of the main projects of the seminar was holding bi-annual conferences that brought together writers, journalists and academics. Afterwards, the contents were published in book form.

    I was assigned the editing duties on the papers by Gaddis and Boland. Honestly, there was hardly any editing that needed to be done. As a former New Yorker fact checker, his facts were solid as well. The bulk of the editing involved cleaning up the verbatim transcripts of the discussions. Both Gaddis and Gass had this amazing ability to speak in complete paragraphs. Brilliant men.

    That’s how I got interested in Gaddis. The next year, when I lived in France, I think I read all his novels. Most of them I read over several straight days.