Links to articles on the storm’s impact
Last updated 9/9/05

Watering Hole Stays Wet — and Open
By Cecilia M. Vega
San Francisco Chronicle — 9/8/05

Higher Commodity Prices Already Fading
By Jerry Hirsh
LA Times — 9/8/05

Ruth’s Chris Says Move to Orlando Is Permanent
Restaurant Business Magazine — 9/7/05

Can a Food Capital Recover?
By Carolyn Jung and Aleta Watson
Mercury News — 9/7/05

Crawfish Etouffee Goes Into Exile
By Kim Severson and Julia Moskin (with Pableaux Johnson)
NYT — 9/6/05

Hurricane Claims Historic Restaurant
By Norm Clarke
Las Vegas Review Journal — 9/4/05

An Icon Imperiled
By Steve Hendrix
Washington Post — 9/4/05

Inside New Orleans
By Kathryn Jerez-Morton and Gray Miles
Salon — 9/1/05

Restaurant Clan Gathers in Houston, Awaits News from Home
By Shelby Hodge
Houston Chronicle — 8/31/05


Guest Bridge
Forum for restaurants affected by Katrina

New Orleans Menu
Tom Fitzmorris’ updates on the New Orleans culinary world

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